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Train for Change

In association with Students Helping Honduras, an organization which helps build schools and orphanages in the El Progreso region of Honduras, “Train for Change” aims to lift children out of poverty and violence through education. Currently, less than 50% of youth complete their primary school education. Often times teachers lack the necessary skills, training and […]


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January 15, 2018

Event: January 2019 Meeting


Please join us for a special presentation, by Mike Arms and Hellen Woodward, for our upcoming meeting on January 15th, at 6pm at 3869 Miramar St. #1207 La Jolla, CA 92037.


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January 2020 Meeting

RECSDG; Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Market,, San Diego January 8, 2020;  6:35pm Present: Amy Schrift, Carmen Diaz, Fernando Santos,  Maxie Gluckman, Janet Mikelson, Benjamin Kettor, Marian Pavlovich Sargeant, Scot Sargeant, David Ballesteros, Sandra Schrift, Adriana Alarcon, Claudia Torres, Mario Arias Meeting began with brief introductions. First, Adriana Alarcon, a native of Manta, Ecuador, presented […]